Thursday, September 21, 2023

The Great Jack Davis!

This interview is from Comics Interview #12, dated June 1984.

This genius of American popular art died in 2016.  You saw his art in Mad magazine, EC comics, on multiple covers of TV Guide, and all over the place.  Wotta guy!  Wotta sense of humor, and incisive line!

See you Monday.

Monday, September 18, 2023

Shouldn't We ALL Be Concerned?

This article ran in the July 24, 2022 Oklahoman.
I agree that only a fool would trust any projected version of AI with the life or health of a human, without supervision.  I fail to see how a "self"-driving car can compensate for the fact that many roads have worn-down or nonexistent striping (for example).  And judging by the examples of AI "writing" I've encountered, a real human needs to go back and cut out about every third word, to make it readable.

I mean, look where AI got Commander Ilia in STTMP -- or the Terminator franchise!

See you on Thursday, if our computer overlords so allow ...

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Super Clothes 8

In this installment of Super Clothes, it's a collection of kids' shirts.
This one might have been sold as a separate.

The two above were obviously part of a set.  All parents will recognize the snaps at the bottom, to secure the top to the waistband of the pants.  A little about the "Super Juniors" or here.
"Last Son of Krypton" sounds kind of depressing, now that you think about it.
Good ol' Super Friends!
This possible pajama top, from PCA, is size 6.  The others have no remaining size tags.

Have you scored any silly Super Stuff from thrift stores or garage sales?

Monday, September 11, 2023

Alan Moore Checklist, 38 Years Later

Riding on the waves of WATCHMEN anticipation, this list of Alan Moore comics work appeared in the May 15, 1985 issue of Amazing Heroes.  That's issue #71.

How many of these works have you read? Does Sturgeon's law apply to our favorite comics creators?

See you Thursday!

Thursday, September 07, 2023

Alive and Well (Tolkien, That Is)

About the time this article came out in the November 1972 Campus Life, I had already read the Lord of the rings (and The Hobbit, natch) a time or two.

Some of you campers may not know that Campus Life was a magazine from Youth for Christ that in those mid-'70s was fun and not too tragically unhip.

This interview with a Lit prof (and acquaintance of Tolkien) emphasizes the philosophical ideas of power and sacrifice, in contradistinction to a notion of the books as a silly sword-and-sorcery wizards' war.

See you Monday.

Monday, September 04, 2023

How Many Super Books Do YOU Have?

This survey of books about the Man of Steel is a little outdated.  It's from Amazing Heroes #136, cover-dated February 29, 1988.  Surely some of you cool cats know that date represents Superman's 50th birthday!

Hailing from the era before at-your-finger computeristic databases, the stories selected for reprint are an interesting mélange.

See you Thursday! 

Thursday, August 31, 2023

A Believer and a Reader!

Yep, that's LeVar Burton all right!

As profiled in the August 13, 1988 TV Guide.

Well, that ends this year's TREKKING WITH CLIPPINGS.  But never fear, campers ... we have a couple of hundred more items in the ol' scrapbooks!

See you Monday with another miscellany of marvels!

Monday, August 28, 2023

STAR TREK on Video, with Reader Corrections

This installment of this year's TREKKING WITH CLIPPINGS, shows the pedantry of some of us fans.  We just can't help it!

The above five pages are from the March 1985 issue of Video Review.
You may imagine that this letter was probably written the same day Ms Lesch read the five-page spread!  It appeared in the May 1985 Video Review.

You know she was only trying to help!  Accuracy is to be encouraged.

Well, that's all until Thursday, fellow detail-oriented types!

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Roaming the Heavens Again!

Here we got three pieces of news about the first Star Trek movie.
Wait -- don't you type up dated captions for every item in your archives?  Yes, the above is from OKC's Daily Oklahoman of August 17, 1978.
The above was clipped by my dear mater from the October 15, 1978 Tulsa World.
And the above full-color treasure is an ad from the Sunday Oklahoman of November 25, 1979.  If you're like me, you looked at that third face in the center and thought, Huh.  McCoy looks different.

See you Monday!

Monday, August 21, 2023

A Green-Blooded Director

Here're a couple of articles about the *gasp* concept of letting an actor direct a feature film!
The above is from the August 7, 1984 USA Today.
And this one is from the August 14, 1984 Examiner.

That's all for today, campers!  See you Thursday.

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Test Your TREK Knowledge!

... In these four quizzes from the Eighties and Nineties.
The one above is from OK Magazine, dated January 30, 1983.
This one is from the November 29, 1983 Weekly World News.
Ok Star Spotters, this one's from Star's issue dated February 26, 1991.
The last one is likewise from Star mag, November 17, 1991.

For me, all the questions are answerable.  In the olden days of such magazines, it was possible to know nearly everything about Star Trek, because there were only one or two manifestations!

How did you do?  See you Monday, fellow wise ones!

Monday, August 14, 2023

Two Views of the Shat

The first article is from the June 17, 1982 Tulsa World.
How insightful to guess that fans might demand another TREK movie!  That was catty of me, I know.  Forty years of TREK domination have made the franchise's survival seem inevitable in hindsight.  Well, it weren't!
The above article is from the Bartlesville, OK Examiner-Enterprise of July 18, 1982.  While I wouldn't have called Captain Kirk a galactic policeman, you could make the argument that TJ Hooker was at least a philosophical ancestor to Starfleet types.

See you Thursday with more gleanings!
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