Monday, July 04, 2022

Right On, America!

This celebration of collaborative American achievement appeared in the April 27, 1981 TIME magazine.

May your Independence Day be the stuff as dreams are made on!  See you on Thursday.

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Too Far!

This (made-up, I promise!) Star Trek story is illoed by Ric Meyers.
It's from the March-April issue of National Lampoon.

And with this, 2022's TREKKING OUT fades slowly into the waist.  See you Monday for some more what-have-hyou.


Monday, June 27, 2022

The Trekkies Have Won!

This June 18, 1977 article in the Tulsa Tribune thrilled the fans!
This may or may not have been allied to Paramount's attempt to start that "fourth network."  To know for sure, buy our book!
PS this was a draft cover.  The actual cover is ...
Buy it here and get it autographed by the author!
See you Thursday.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

One-Panel Treks

These are some references to Star Trek in the comics!
Above, from 1981.
Above, from Penthouse in 1982.
... And from 1987.

When you're done getting your ribs tickled, come in person Friday-Saturday-Sunday, June 24-25-26, to SoonerCon!  It's the culmination of all your pop-culture, sci-fi dreams!
If I don't see you there, see you here on Monday!

Monday, June 20, 2022

Star Trek FAQ 2.0 – Book Review

STAR TREK FAQ 2.0, by Mark Clark.

This is a laudable effort to "learn all that is learnable," as someone said.  It's interesting to browse through, but as a picky kind of feller, I must point out these goofs:

·         Page 9, in discussing Star Trek: The Motion Picture, mistakenly attributes the film’s sfx woes to Howard Anderson Company.  No, it was the incompetent-for-the-job Robert Abel and Associates who bit off more starship than they could chew.  Howard Anderson did fx for the 1960s series.

·         Page 30 – in his survey of Star Trek III, Clark calls the Klingon bad guy “Kluge,” not Kruge.  It’s funny because on page 34, Clark gets the name right.

·         In talking about Star Trek: The Next Generation’s staff, Clark gets Tracy Tormé’s name correct early on.  But in talking about “The Royale,” Clark gets Tormé incorrect FOUR times, as “Tomé.”  On pages 110-111, he does it twice in his coverage of “Manhunt.”

·         On page 232, there’s a slip of the tongue when discussing Jeri Ryan’s Borg character Seven of Nine.  For some Clark gives the actress’s name as Jeri Taylor, the prolific Trek writer and producer.

·         On page 399, in comments about the 2009 film, Clark gives the last name of Captain Pike’s actor Bruce Greenwood, as “Greenwell.”

It's not a goof, but most photos have captions whose words are nearly identical to a nearby bit of text.  How hard would it have been to reword the dang captions a little?

Have fun with this brisk survey of Trekitude.  However, don't forget to check things out from multiple sources!

See you Thursday!


Thursday, June 16, 2022

Fred Steiner Treks!

This is a 1985 article by Trek (among dozens) composer Fried Steiner. It's called "Music for Star Trek: Scoring a Television Show in the Sixties.”

I hope your eyeballs don't wear our!  This is really interesting stuff!

See you Monday.
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