Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lily-Livered Conspiracy!

Today I came across this thing...

And it intrigues me because it is a TRANSPARENT ATTEMPT to pre-empt a desired dialog over our masked vigilante defenders.  Here is an actual copy of The New Frontiersman of the times in question:

One way in which you can tell that the first example is a modern fabrication is simply its prose style.  An actual newpaper, expecially from the 1980s, would have a paragraph indent (typically five spaces) at the beginning ov each paragraph.  Instead, the pretender adds a blank line in between graphs, and starts the new paragraph flush left, in the new "internewt" style.

This stylistic bungle PROVES the modern provenance of this "back-dated" slander.

So, beware of plagiarisms.  Our esteemed president Nixon has at times dropped hints about various "dirty tricks" undertaken by his opponents, the shady left-leaners of the lavender persuasion.

Well, the dirty tricks are upon us!  I implore you to stay true to the PURITY OF PURPOSE expressed by our hooded heroes.

Here is a more accurate depiction of our hero, Rohrschach:

Beware the insidious attempts of the spineless wheedlers who try to sneak their protestations of moderation into the life-and-death issues of ORDER and CONTROL!

Monday, May 28, 2012

MA-55 - Adventures of Superman - More Library Recordings

This is a NEW collection of the library music featured on the legendary George Reeves Adventures of Superman TV series.

When I shared my first collection of music, ripped from cassettes I had bought back in the 1990s, I got a comment from a great guy, Craig Wichman, of Quicksilver Radio Theatre, saying he too had bought some of these tapes. I got in contact with Craig, and after some dubbing and research and help from another devotee of Superman music, we have yer basic finished product.

These are the tracks. In most cases, we have a composer also.

01. Eerie Night - F G Charrosin (3:10)
02. Tragedy - Unknown Artist (1:26)
03. Lost in a Fog - Ronald Hanmer (1:25)
04. Dismal Swamp - King Palmer (1:37)
05. Mists - Unknown Artist (1:18)
06. The Tell-Tale Heart - Jack Foulds (2:48)
07. The Ghost Walks - F G Charrosin (1:41)
08. Stealthy Footsteps - F G Charrosin (1:49)
09. Confusion - F G Charrosin (1:17)
10. Rebellion & General Havoc - Edward Carmer (1:34)
11. Disorder - Edward Carmer (1:20)
12. Desert Caravan - Granville Bantock (3:02)
13. Storm at Sea - Unknown Artist (2:52)
14. Tenebrae - Unknown Artist (3:05)
15. Condemned - Unknown Artist (3:02)
16. Dramatique - Unknown Artist (1:03)
17. Tumult & Commotion - Miklós Rózsa (1:20)
18. Mechanical Monster - Unknown Artist (1:50)
19. Danger Ahead - Unknown Artist (1:45)
20. Men of Steel - Miklós Rózsa (1:39)
21. Informal Interview - Ronald Hanmer (2:38)
22. Bits and Pieces - Ronald Hanmer (0:58)
23. Just Whimsical - Ronald Hanmer (1:40)
24. Way Out East - Ronald Hanmer (2:59)
25. Dagger in the Dark - Ronald Hanmer (3:06)
26. Magic Necklace Cue - Modest Mussorgsky (2:00)
27. Seven Souvenirs Cue - Modest Mussorgsky (1:44)
28. Catacombs - With the Dead in a Dead Language - Modest Mussorgsky (3:58)

In the liner notes for the CD is some more information on what music appeared in which episodes.

password sd9g7

I hope you enjoy this terrific, time-travelling music!

PS if you bought some of those tapes too and want to share, let me know!

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