Friday, September 19, 2008

Faster Than a Speeding Beer Runner!

Yes, and probably more powerful than a gas drive-off, it's ... Prepaid Man!

I saw this thing today, and just had to share it.

I was at Cash Register Systems in OKC buying some spare Master keys for our cash registers when I spotted this in their magazine rack. It's a four-page reprint of an article from the c-store industry journal Convenience Store / Petroleum, all about the features of CCTV (as in Closed Circuit).

Of course, what CCTV has to do with Prepaid Man is beyond me! However, notice that our swiped hero has the strengths of: Radio Frequency - POS - Back office - Security - Loyalty.

Just goes to show that DC's lawyers should be going after ripoffs like this and leaving the Shuster/Siegel estates alone to their ownership of Superboy.
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