Monday, August 26, 2019

It's an Astounding Piece of Americana!

In the summer of 1974 I produced the following messterpiece, on a 15½-by-21½-inch posterboard:

I shall now proceed to explicate its components.


The circle and its hollow center are tracings of a 45rpm record.  The four panes are ...

·         12 o’clock:  Image from “Wardrobe of Monsters,” art by Gray Morrow.  Story by Otto Binder. I encountered in Eerie # 15, June 1968. (Note the bottom-left panel.)
·         3 o’clock:  Image from “Head Shop,” art by Jose Bea.  Story by Don Glut.  I encountered in Eerie #51, September 1973.
·         6 o’clock:  Another image from “Wardrobe of Monsters,” Eerie # 15, June 1968.  (Note the trop-center panel.)
·         9 o’clock:  Image from “The Graves of Oconoco,” art by Pat Boyette and Rocke Mastroserio.  Story by John Benson.  Also from Eerie # 15, June 1968. (The last panel.)

THE PSYCHEDELIC HAND:  is a tracing of my own hand, at that time.  The illustrated interior was inspired by Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes, which I first finished reading on April 25, 1974.  You’ll recall that when Mr Dark is searching for Jim and Will, the boys’ faces are tattooed on his palms.

THE SNAKE:  is a freehand drawing.  But its head is the skull from the Visible Man model kit.


The swastika windmill sitting atop a hearse is inspired by the windmill seen at the end of the original 1931 Frankenstein.


The bottom circle contains an image cribbed from the 1973 cover of that monument of tripe, Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

The human silhouette is from some self-help book which I cannot now recall.

The Porky Pig is a common one, like this.
The Groucho Marx caricature is copied from the 1973 Manor Books printing of Groucho and Me.

The Batman face is from the over of an 80-pg Giant, Batman #198, cover-dated January 1968.  
And here’s an insert.
The hand is merely a sketch of the infamous rubber hand I bought at a novelty shop, and took with me on a choir trip to Galveston, TX, where it featured in many gag photos.

What’s on the other side, you ask?
Why, it’s a scotch-taped Beatles collage!

Well, this will have to hold all y’all for the month of September.  We’re takin’ a break until October, when we’ll dive into ...


See you then!

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