Friday, February 04, 2011

It's Starting to Come Together Now -- um, What??

Superman?  The mobster known as "The Wheel"?

It can't be . . . but that's what "Clark Kent's Great Superman Hunt" has revealed. 

Or has it?  Oh, now we get it!  This was all a desparate ruse by Superman (and by Clark Kent nudge-nudge-wink-wink-say-no-more) to get Herb Farr's gang to THINK the Man of Tomorrow was Farr, so they would show him the way to safely release Lois from her booby-trapped hiding-place.

Man!  But Farr has escaped, and just as Superman is going to key the remote-control detonator so he can rescue Lois, the REAL Farr shows up, and smashes the control!

Now Lois is doomed.  She can't be released by the crook's method, and, we've all been told, she's in a location that will explode if Superman tries to break her out.

Look at Farr's evil face as the cops drag him away.  He's the epitome of Snark, ain't he?  But he's given Superman one clue, direct from the reporter in the 1951 film The Thing:  Keep Watching the Skies!

Sure enough, Lois is in a robot plane.  But how can the big guy get her out?

Well, if it worked in Superman Returns, why can't it work now?  Super-Breath, to the rescue!

Whew!  Now Lois is saved, barely, and all Superman has to do is explain his ruse to the world. 

Since the heavy media coverage of this plan was pitched by Clark to Perry White as a circulation booster, I wonder how many, if any, new subscribers are going to cancel because Clark and Superman LIED TO THEM?!?!?

Anyway, we'll wrap up this story and see what's next in Superman 180 next time!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Separate Blog for Music and Stuff

Starting today, you can visit a separate Blog for various uploads.  We will start with the items previously listed here, and go on from there.  I hope to post one-a-day of the "older" links, and we will go from there. 

The new Blog is named after my first pet, my wonderful friend Spock, 1978-1991.
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