Saturday, August 29, 2009

Listen to Supermusic!

In an older post I mentioned this compilation CD I assembled just for the fun of it.

Now you, too, can take geeky, cheesy, nerdy delight in hearing the theme from SuperPup or the long version of The Superman Animated Series theme.
Here's the link to an archive folder that includes the music, these CD insert front-and-backs, and art for the disc:
Please let me know what you think! Also, since this is my first try at such things, let me know if the link doesn't work!
If enough of you folks like the idea, we can share some themes from Star Trek and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. too. Who knows?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

On a Desert Island with My Gal

The fifth instalment on our summer vacation took Superman and me to an uncharted isle, where Lois Lane’s dreams came true, as she became …

“Mrs. Superman”!

It’s all laid out in Superman 124, cover-dated September, 1958.

As Clark and Lois are helicoptering back from a foreign assignment in the Flying Newsroom, a giant meteor appears from space and grazes the chopper blades. The two are forced to bail out over a small, uncharted island, while the meteor plummets past them into the open caldera of the island’s volcano.

They make it down safely, and Clark suggests they split up to look for help. They’d seen a village from the air, so they make separate paths in search of it.

Clark, of course, merely intends to slip away and change to Superman so he can swoop to the rescue. Oops! He can’t get airborne. He feels woozy. He uses his super-vision to discover *choke* that the meteor in the crater contained Green Kryptonite, and the now-pulverized Green-K dust has created a cloud over the island. Some has gotten into the aquifer too, so he can’t tunnel out either.

Superman is … stuck on a desert island with Lois Lane!

Well, why not make the best of it? He confesses his identity to Lois, showing off with a few super-stunts, and pops the question. He can make with the muscles on ground level, even if he can’t fly them back to civilization.

The chief of the island’s village agrees to wed them, after a suitable week’s wait. So during that week, Supes builds a honeymoon cottage.

Suddenly, there’s a rumble underground, and to his shock, the Man of Steel discovers that the Green K meteor has sunk into a volcanic crevice, far enough underground that its influence is gone. He’s free!

Except for that little wedding that’s planned for later this same day. Hmmm.

Time for a little Super-Trickery. Before long, Superman has created enough “imitation super-powers” gadgetry for Lois to deduct that he’s just been Clark all along. Superman – that heel! – must have put Clark up to this, just so she would leave the Action Ace alone! And sweet Clark was conscience-stricken enough to come clean before taking advantage of her by actually letting the wedding happen.

Boy, that worked out great! As the reporters are rescued by a passing ship, Lois is friendly with Clark and mad at Superman – maybe now she’ll leave him alone for a while, he hopes – until they make it back to the Planet and Lois decides that perhaps Superman planned their little island getaway so that the mobsters she’d just exposed couldn’t track her down.

Hey, Superman – care to give a girl a lift to her next scoop?

Next week, our vacation itinerary will take us to a planet long lost in time and space, for a little family reunion. Get out your red sunglasses!

But in between ... check back early in the week for a post about an anthology of Supermusic -- and links to download to burn your own copy!
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