Friday, January 05, 2007

Creepy Is in the Embrace of the Beholder

My friend Tamara, who with her husband Mike has an extensive web presence at, made a post concerning this 30-inch "Superman Returns" figure.

Can you believe that she thought this guy looked a little creepy?

I was given one of these vinyl wonders for a Christmas present from my new bosses. I got the thing out of the packaging, and Jazra, who will be 4 in April, thought it was fun to dance with him, although she is about a foot taller.

All of this was OK until the wife & I came home after New Year's with some friends to find ol' Supes exiled to the "Fortress of Markitude."

Come to find out that Julie, Jazra's mom, said she had come into the living room and found Jazra smooching it up with Super-loverboy here. I thought it was kinda cute to hear, but Julie swears that in her opinion the kid was desiring things a little past her age level from Big Blue.

Although I've got no reason to doubt my dear daughter's word, I really can't imagine sweet little Jazra "humping Superman," as her mom so delicately put it.

I think the S-Man will rest securely on a high shelf from now on. Happy New Year!
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