Monday, January 28, 2019

My Mind and My Bedroom

Among the things I clipped from early 1970s magazines was this jewel:
Surely it was part of a bigger ad, but I couldn't tell you what that might have been.

As a teen, I was allowed to do several wacky things in my bedroom.  Posters were all over the walls, of course.  I also strung speaker wires along the wall-ceiling line and hung little speakers liberated from transistor radios in the corners of the room, connected to my stereo.  This was along with the two regular speakers.  My idea was before its time:  surround sound!

I also had this gem of a vinyl sign taped to the outside of my bedroom door.
The "teacher" and "stupid" were rub-off words, probably from some MAD magazine insert.  Likewise the grinning goofus along the right-side white border.

Any good Bartian could tell you about the neon yellow-green sticker at the bottom.  It was a handy-dandy public-service sticker provided by one of our local funeral homes.  The sticker was intended to be mounted on the backside of your phone handset.
Remember them?

Well, friends, come back next Monday.  Yes, on February 4th you'll get a special Valentine's gift of love from moi.

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