Saturday, October 06, 2012

From the October 1964 Jack & Jill

Another great kids' magazine was Jack & Jill. Here is some stuff from its October 1964 issue.


"At My Desk" was, as you can see, reders' submissions.  A couple are about Halloween.

See you tomorrow!

Friday, October 05, 2012

Age Hath Taken Its Toll . . .

Once upon a time I built monster models from Aurora. One of the latter-day ones was their version of Bride of Frankenstein . . .


She was supposed to look like the above depictions.

Alas, wear and tear can happen to the best of intentions.  When I first got my Bride model around 1969-1970, it doubtless looked something like the lovely tableau above.

However, 40 years later, this is all that's left of her:

Yep -- no table, no lab.  Not even a left hand!

Next to her is a relic of some 1980s candy packaging.  There were little candies similar to M&Ms that were sold in clear plastic tubes (like oversized test tubes), and this mummy guy was the topper for the tube.

These two relics, along with some others I'll be sharing with you, are kept in the attic in our Halloween stuff for 11 months out of the year.

Who knows what I'll dig up next?  Tune in tomorrow and see!

Thursday, October 04, 2012

An Antique Calendar

From the 1965, October issue of Golden Magazine, here's an activity calendar for October.

Even if the days of the week don't match 2012, it's still fun to read!

And check out the spooky Headless Horseman!
Note the costume advice at the top center of the bottom calendar page.  Come to think of it, I have never seen anybody dressed as a radish OR as a rocket!

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

This Drink Chills Itself!

Back when I used to haunt thrift stores, I came across this thermos. However, I've never seen the lunch box that it presumably was issued along with.

Note that there is no problem with using a likeness of Glenn Strange for the Frankenstein Monster.

The Mummy really has no face.  The Phantom of the Opera is definitely Lon Chaney (Senior).

But who is that Dracula guy?  Count Floyd?  "Bleahh!  Scary, kiddies!" he says, complete with pointed ears.

The "Wolfman" -- one word here -- looks like Lon Chaney, Jr.

Stop back tomorrow to see the next fright -- or fun!

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Enter Freely, and of Your Own Will . . .

For Day Two of Blog-o-ween, let's hearken back to pages from a 1991 Universal Monsters Coloring Book!

Notice how very carefully the art DOES NOT resemble any of the actors who played these roles.  After all, the heirs have the rights to the actors' FACES -- not to the CHARACTERS.

"Hmm," thinks Harker.  "Seems legit."

But who are these gals wandering around in Snuggies?

And why is Count Dracula challenging me to a breakdancing contest?

Perhaps, dear reader, you will find out in a few more days!  See you tomorrow!

Monday, October 01, 2012

MA-23 - Disc of Doom


Here it is, Halloween Time!  Time for Blog-o-ween, a celebration of that fun and funky time of year!

And this is this year's spooky and silly music compilation.  These are the tracks:

1)  Count Chocula Intro    13 Days of Halloween    0:40
2)Trick or Treat       Halloween       3:11
3)Have You Ever Seen?      Boss Martians     3:16
4)Spook Opera        Hawaiian Pups   2:55
5)TV Monster Show  The Munsters    2:05
6)Land of the Dead   Voltaire   1:59
7)Dracula's Deuce     Freddy & the   Four-Gone Conclusions  2:37
8)It's Spooky in Here     Baha Men     2:41
9)Green Slime The Green Slime 2:18
10)My Body's a Zombie for You Dead Man's Bones 4:30
11) Spooksville Nu-Trends 2:37
12)The Mummy Radio Ad 0:48
13)The Ballad of Vlad the Impaler Bettie Blackchurch 1:31
14)Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? Matthew Sweet 3:11
15)Exorcist Theme Halloween Remix      4:59
16)I'm Gonna Scare You Sue Rose 2:39
17)The Bat Children of the Night 2:37
18)Munsters Theme (Halloween edit)  Figure 2:42
19)Return of the Living Dead Ghoultown 3:35
20)Martian Hop    Ran-Dells 1:28
21) Halloween Party Music Andrew Gold    3:04
22) The Haunt of Room 402 Wally Wingert 3:00
23)Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati Rose & The Arrangement  2:12
24) Rockin' in the Graveyard Jackie Morningstar 2:37
25) Banditos Halloween Mash Jonathan Rubinger 4:49
26) Phantom of the A-Go-Go Don  Hinson and the Rigamorticians 2:32
27) Castin' My Spell Marci Lee 2:09
28) Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Lewis    Lee  2:54
29) Werewolf Five Man Electrical    Band     3:28

Enjoy, I hope!  And see you tomorrow for more . . . BLOG-O-WEEN!

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