Thursday, July 29, 2021

From March 1976, It's DETENTE TREK!

 It looks like a Gold Key Star Trek comic, but it's really from the March 1976 National Lampoon.

The art is by real-life comics artist Alan Kupperberg, famous for Spider-Man and others.

You can tell that President Ford plays Kirk, while Henry Kissinger is in the Spock role.  SOMEBODY tell me who is supposed to be Dr McCoy?!?! 

After a visit from the August calendar page from 1971 and today, join us on Monday, August 2nd, for an entire month TREKKING WITH CLIPPINGS!


Monday, July 26, 2021

Julie Schwartz -- American Hero!

 It's one of my eternal regrets that I DID not make it a point to meet Julie Schwartz when he was a SoonerCon guest in November 1992 here in OKC.

This interview with the cultural giant is from Comics Interview #88, in 1990.

See you on Thursday for the last installment of this cockeyed salute to some of the crazy, glorious facets of this spiffy country.



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