Monday, January 30, 2017

Helpful Freeware for Small Tasks

In my roaming throughout the interwebs, and up and down upon it, I’ve come across several freeware programs that I’ve found quite useful.  Feel free to give them a try.

1.  Show Desktop
            This is a small trick for people like me who liked the larger “show desktop” tab that USED to be at the right end of the taskbar in Windows.  It was shaved down to purt-near nuthin’ for Windows 10. 

One place where it may be found is HERE.

            If you end up opening “Notifications” half the time when you want to use the “show desktop” function in Windows 10, this utility will be helpful.

2.  Copy Filenames
            Just as it sounds ... this simply allows you to open a folder, select any or all files, and right-click.  “Copy filenames” is now one of your options; it copies the filenames (including extensions) to the clipboard as text.  For me this is super-handy.

             For example, if you have a folder (shown above) with various items, you may use Copy Filenames to produce this list:

2016-12-13 Bookshelf.jpg
Page is 6 x 9.25 inches.docx
Cassette Buttons.png

            This is handy if I simply want a list of what’s in a folder.

3.  Caffeine
            If you have a screensaver set to kick in after a certain amount of inactivity, there are times when you don’t want it to!  You might be watching a video, for instance.  Instead of going to the trouble of de-activating and re-activating your screensaver, simply install Caffeine, which keeps your computer screen from going to sleep!  Cute name, eh?

            You may find it HERE.

            Well, I hope these little helpers make life easier for you, as they do for me.  And don’t forget to thank and support the folks who developed them!

            I’ll see you on Monday, a week from today.  Thanks for stopping by!
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