Thursday, February 11, 2021

Oklahoma City Memories: Ann's Chicken Fry

We established our home in OKC in 1978, but it wasn’t until the mid-1980s that we discovered the OKC treasure, Ann’s Chicken Fry House, on NW 39th Expressway. Like many people from around the world, we fell in love with the mid-century-Americana atmosphere, the great food, and the fine people who worked there (including Ruby, who retired 10+ years ago, and Joni, who was still there when they closed).

Above is an article on Ann's from the June 6, 2007 OK Gazette.
If you pull in from eastbound NW 39th, you see the above.
And you walk up to the front door.
If you're lucky, Shirley the owner is there to say hi.  If you're REALLY lucky, she recognizes you and asks about the kids or grandkids.  In the above photo, Shirley's at the lunch counter which has about six places.
This is what Shirley would see from where she is standing in the previous pic.  No, the jukebox wasn't hooked up.  The music coming over the speakers have been alternately KOMA or Sirius over the years.
Here's a photo of Joyce and me from 2013.  We're sitting in the small corridor of tables immediately right of the entrance.
And here's a reverse angle from the end of the little corridor of tables.  You can see the waitress Joni in the distance, her back to us.  Over Joni's right shoulder is the doorway into the "main" dining area.

After passing through that doorway, this is the right-hand wall and corner.
I like to think of the booth in the back left as the "Alfred corner."  That's because there are two framed pieces on the wall which we gave Shirley.
I found the ad above in a 1960s Time or Newsweek.  I printed a copy and framed it.  You can see it in the "Alfred corner" photo in the center-left, next to the checkered flag.
Facing the RCA ad on the adjacent wall is a framed copy of this "Supermen of America" certificate.
Here's another view of the large dining room.  You can glimpse both of my framed "things" in the corner.

Well, after you've had your stupendous repast (Al's Big Burger for me!), you'd stop and pay at the register on the way out.
Some of you may remember the poster of OKC's Ho-Ho the Clown above the table just inside the front door.  I wish I had a clear photo of it!  A brief article about Ho-Ho from 405 magazine is here.  (The above image was cropped from another photo I took.)

I'm proud to say that I'm responsible for the poster being there.  You see, about 15 years ago it came in as a donation to the thrift store I managed.  When I recognized Ho-Ho, I called Shirley and she drove across town to check it out and buy it.  She put it into a poster frame, and there it is!
Well, night has fallen as we leave Ann's.  Thanks, Shirley (and her late husband Al), and all the staff for making Ann's Chicken Fry a golden part of our Oklahoma City memories!

See you on Monday for something else that's lovable!

Monday, February 08, 2021

Lois Married Everybody BUT Superman?

This survey of Lois Lane's other romances is from the October 12, 2001 Comics Buyer's Guide.

Boy, that Lane gal sure got around!

See you back here on Thursday for a special Valentine to a recently closed OKC landmark.
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