Thursday, April 01, 2010

So Ends the First Story in This Issue

The last panels of the story answer the burning question I mentioned in our last post. If Rokk and Sorban mentally erased memories of Superman's "kill somebody" dilemma including his murder of Clark Kent -- how would the world account for that missing time?
Actually, Superman just says, "Don't worry, folks. Everything is fine" when Professor Potter notices his Personal Petrifier has been tampered with.
And, strangely, Superman just lets the two aliens gallivant away into space to torture some other hapless planet full of people.
Now, if I were Superman, I just might wait until those two clowns were near an uninhabited but livable planet, and "accidentally" use long-distance heat vision to make them crash and maroon them there.
Vindictive little tyke, ain't I?!?
At the bottom of the page is an ad for Tootsie Rolls. You know, in TV versions you could actually sing this as a jingle:
Long time, long time!
Chewy chewey Tootsie Roll last a long time, long time, long time ....
And this was only the first story in our page-by-page sharing of Superman 171, an at-random selection of how cool comic books were in the Silver Age of American childhood.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Don't Look Deep into Sorban's Eyes!

Actually, it doesn't matter if you do or don't. He'll make you forget ... forget ... FORGET !
To take Sorban at his word, he is selectively deleting ONLY Earth peoples' memories of his and Rokk's coming to Earth and their visit's effect on Superman -- including the murder of Clark Kent.
Hmmm -- so, a news reporter would have hours or days of missing memories, while somebody out camping somewhere for the whole time would not have any holes in their memories?
That's probably reading a little too deep into a kids' story.
Well, it looks like things are winding down satisfactorily. We'll read the denouement of this story next time, as we march page-by-page through Superman 171.
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