Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm Better Now, and I Would Like a Big Mac Please

Howdy, and believe me you do NOT want to have the excuse I am going to provide for going over a week without saying HELLO.

Can you say "stomach flu"? I thought you could. Better say it than HAVE it. By Wednesday I thought I was getting better, but it's a nuisance when the only way to not "have to go" is to not eat. Yup, the ol' express train to the colonary exit had slipped its brakes again.

Thanks to the passing of time, a nice doctor, and a little something we call Diphenoxylate-Atropine, the floodgates are holding.

So to celebrate a return towards dietary health(!), let's remember when every good ol' Big Mac came in its own non-styrofoam carrying case. In fact the thing was recyclable and caused less environmental damage than making it out of cardboard.
But, there were some people worried that CFCs (which Big Mac boxes were not made of) were ozone-harming when produced. So, basically to honor a media scare story and the public's beliefs that Big Mac clamshells were made of the evil styrofoam, they did away with the tough little waterproof critters.
Ah, but sometimes the foresightful few (geeks) can rescue the perishing. That's what I did, and now, you can see it too!
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