Sunday, February 11, 2007

Super Critter to the Rescue!

If you're a parent "of a certain age," or a child of same, then you will be familiar with Little Critter, star of many books by child's author Mercer Mayer.

Sort of a Jederbeast (that is, Everyman in animal form), Little Critter runs into many of the adventures encountered by kids today: the scary adventure of travel, the angst of a new babysitter, meeting new relatives, tryng a new skill for the first time ...

... and bullies. In Just a Daydream (1989), Little Critter is picked on by a bully who ruins the other kids' ball game. So Critter goes home and wishes he had super powers so he could fix things, like the fun ruined by bullies.
Boy, don't you feel the same way?
Being that this is a children's book, the problem is solved rather unrealistically by the bully apologizing and giving back Little Critter's ball.
If only all pushy types could be so humble! If only you and I could be so humble!
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