Thursday, September 18, 2014

MA-45 - Joy and Noise, Disc 1

It is no secret that the Lord saved my life from worthlessness and he's the source of all good things.  I bunched together a clump of songs that reinforce my thankfulness.  Some of these songs are specifically about God, some are not.

1 -     Not the Same      Crystal Lewis
2 -    King of My Life    T-Bone, Natalie Larue, djMAJ
3 -    I Am  Ginny Owens
4 -    This Mystery      Nichole Nordeman
5 -    Freedom    Nicole C Mullen
6 - Sleep   Riley Armstrong
7 - If You Really Knew Out of Eden
8 - We Rock This Mic KJ52
9 - Hands and Feet Audio Adrenaline
10 - Remains of the Day Say-So
11 - Cartoons Chris Rice
12 - Use Me Here Miranda
13 - All Over Me/Do Not The Benjamin Gate/John Reuben
14 - Waiting Room   LaRue
15 - Stranded Plumb
16 - Lukewarm II Hot Emcee One
17 - The Rumor Weed Song The W's
18 - Gone Switchfoot
19 - Karaoke Superstars Superchick
20 - Why Can't I Be on MTV Calibretto 13
21 - Dandelions   Five Iron Frenzy

I tell you one thing, Track 21 is one that makes me tear up every time, because the analogy is so apt.  Anything I can give to the Lord is nothing more than "weeds to be burned" in comparison with TRUE goodness.  What gives it value is that he is willing to accept them!

Dandelion music

Monday, September 15, 2014

Take a Super Look

Here we have an example of the pervasion of the "Super"trope into society.

A couple of weeks ago I got my eyes (not MY HEAD) examined by my friend Sam the Optometrist, and he came up with these stickers, similar to the "I was a good patient" or "I voted" stickers given out to other participators of socially bonding activities.

Of course, some elements of my readership will agree that I need strict "supervision."

See you Thursday!

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