Monday, April 10, 2017

Adamski Saucers

            As you should know as a pop culture fiend, George Adamski was one of the founders of the 20th-Century flying saucer “contactee” movement.  You may read my review of a book about his influence here.

            One of Adamski’s pieces of “proof” of his wild stories was a series of photographs of space ships.
            Above is the cover of one of his books, featuring an artist’s conception of the Adamski saucer.

            Many folks have debunked Adamski’s photos, attributing the object to a modified poultry incubator, a lampshade, and so on.  In 1957, researcher-cum-bomb-thrower Jim Moseley provided a mocking exposé of the pix.  A PDF of the mimeoed newsletter may be found here.  NOTE:  If the document only partially appears onscreen, it’s perfect when saved as a PDF.

            Another fine exploration/recreation/debunking may be found in a 2012 report by Joel Carpenter, to be found here.

            Imagine my amazement when I dined at a local Red Lobster at the end of 2016, and discovered one of the Adamski saucers doubling as a light fixture!

            So there you have it, Space Fiends.  Saucers are everywhere!

 See you next Monday.
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