Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Superman on Blu-Ray

What? you mean you didn't know that the entire ouvre was released in a mega-pack yesterday?

Shame on ye!

Well, here are a few things I noticed while watching the Extended Cut of Superman the Movie.

I'd seen it before on DVD, but not Blu-Ray, and so perhaps I was paying *extra* attention.

Superman: The Movie:
1)  After young Clark (Jeff East) finds the Kryptonian crystal in the barn, Ma Kent wakes up one morning to find Clark standing atop a ridge on the horizon.  You may have noticed (product placement here) that as she enters the kitchen calling Clark's name, she takes a box of Cheerios from the cupboard and sets it on the table.  Then she looks out through the screen door and sees her son far away.  What's interesting is the exterior shot, taken back through the screen door showing Ma Kent looking out toward Clark (and the camera).  She had set the Cheerios box on the table inside.  But you can see another Cheerios box OUTSIDE, on the table on the porch beside the door.  So, did the Cheerios migrate; or did Clark already open a previous box and leave it on the porch; or it is just a case of continuity glitch?

2)  In the first Daily Planet scene, when we introduce the paper's staff and Perry tells Jimmy to get some coffee, remember that Jimmy hands off this request to an even more junior staffer, adding "tea, no lemon."  I had not previously notied that on this guy's red T-shirt is the logo "SUPER COPY."  He also appears in Superman II.  Was this a subtle hint to justify Lois's later naming of Superman by reinforcing how common the term is to indicate something spiffy and great? (I almost said "SUPERlative")

3)  When the gunman forces Clark and Lois into the alley so he can "rip off this lady's purse,"  Lois drops the purse at the crook's feet, kicks him, the gun goes off, and Clark has to catch the bullet.  Then Clark pretends to faint as the gunsel runs away.  So, the purse was dropped on the ground right in front of where Clark "fainted."  Well, then, why o why, when Lois picks up her purse, does the "revived" Clark walk up to her from more than a dozen feet away, from around a corner deeper into the alley from where they were standing when she dropped the purse at their own feet?

4)  When the Metropolis cop follows Otis underground to find Luthor's Lair, Otis hides in a niche that is also a secret door.  When train 504B passes by, Otis enters the hideaway under cover.  A minute later, when the train has passed, the cop climbs into the niche.  Luthor's spring-loaded door forces the hapless cop under the wheels of the next train -- train 504B!  Either the train runs in a two-minute circle, or it was too much trouble to renumber the train and models used.

5)  It was funny to notice something about the crooks in the getaway car in "Superman's First Night."  Remember, after rescuing Fluffy the cat, Supes notices gunfire by the docks?  It was kind of humorous to note that the driver of the getaway car, under his knit ski mask, was wearing honking big Clark Kent glasses.

Well, while you can't box up the feeling of fun and wonder inspired by Superman, a new presentation like this allows you to take a fresh look, and re-experience again, the belief that a Superman can fly.

Up, up, and away!

Monday, June 06, 2011

Heroes and Villains Crossword

In honor of Soonercon 20: Heroes and Villains, which was this past weekend here in OKC, I wanted to share with you a crossword puzzle on the same theme.  You'll probably want to print it and solve it on paper.

One hint:  If you're not familiar with 1960s cartoons, you will experience a knowledge handicap.

1. Cap’n Crunch opponent Jean _____

7. Perseus beheaded her

10. Airplane!’s “Worst Boy”

13. Lancelot Link, Secret _____

14. King Arthur's nemesis

16. Bumblyburg's green hero

18. Rango adversary

20. Marvin the Martian's foe

22. Emperor Ming’s home

25. Man or Monster?

27. Captain Marvel nickname

28. opposed Robin Hood

29. Metro City’s second name

32. super monkey

34. Superman of 2965’s enemy

35. Mermaid Man’s sidekick

36. Green Hornet’s great-uncle

40. Thing's name

42. Johnny Blaze was the first

43. the Fatal Five’s foes

46. drank Dracula’s blood

47. Hero’s newspaper Daily _______

48. Booth yelled, “Sic semper _____!”

50. opposed Thrush

51. Beans Baxter’s opponent

53. “that damned, elusive _____”

54. Thin Man dog

55. Magnificent Seven villain


2. always beat Baron Otto Matic

3. accidentally created by Mr Incredible

4. early Superman gender-switching foe

5. Here he comes to save the day!

6. aka Ralph Dibny

8. a tall Philistine

9. Son of Dracula's alias

11. “Only a Master of Evil”

12. Saucy Jack

15. withstood Baroness Paula von Gunther

17. fought Aliens, then became their Mom

19. a living costume

21. Drake Mallard's secret identity

23. Silver Surfer boss

24. STAR TREK sleeper ship

26. lurked in the Labyrinth

30. Morlocks ate them

31. the First Red Hood

32. super base, the _____ Building

33. he loved Mother too much

35. Winston Smith’s nemesis

37. Dracula’s chief opponent

38. he sang “High Noon”

39. Yellow Peril (and beard)

41. not Bat, not Man, not Batman

44. the Good Witch of Oz

45. Captain America's bonehead foe

49. he was dragged around Troy

52. the ur-Adversary

Next Monday I will post the solution.  See ya!
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