Friday, October 18, 2013

More Memories of Oldy and Moldy Halloweens

In 1979 we had three chances for Halloween dress-up -- two parties and the real thing.

Here we have Joyce as some sort of doll that's NOT the sort of doll she usually is.

Having spent a half-hour or more gluing latex pieces to my face and dabbing on red fake blood, my preferred choice was to sit still when a new person arrived and then suddenly say "Boo!" -- hoping they had thought I was a mannequin.  (They already thought I was a dummy.)

The next night, my favorite get-up.  Mr smart-aleck himself, the inspiration for so much of my personality, ladies and gentlemen, Mr Groucho Marx (Junior).
It's an illustration of my adolescent unpopularity that, as a teenager, I had the time to fill dozens of 3x5 index cards with Marxisms, sorted by topic, to use as crib sheets whenever I got the chance to slip into this persona.  Just as cynical and loudmouthed  as the real me, but (I hoped) more loveable.
"You must have been vaccinated with a phonograph needle."
"You remind me of the Prince of Wales.  And believe me, I know a whale when I see one."

Since years before the advent of portable computers and notebooks, here is still my favorite laptop.
Joyce is some sort of generic clown (WAIT A MINUTE-- I thought that was MY job!) -- wearing a flannel shirt of mine, and also the orange derby (with sergeant's stripes glued onto the front) I wore in my high-school church's production of Godspell.

Here's to more silly and wonderful Halloweens ahead!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Re-Post: Oddio Overplay's Ghouls With Attitude, ! & 2

For some reason the folks at Oddio Overplay released these two compilations, but they are no longer available on their site.  Here they are. 
Volume 1:
1 Tarantula Ghoul and the Gravediggers - Graveyard Rock
2 Don Hinson and the Rigamorticians - Riboflavin-Flavored, Non-Carbonated, Polyunsatured Blood   
3 Movie Trailer - Vampire Playgirls   
4 Bobby Bare - Vampira   
5 The Crewnecks - Rockin' Zombie   
6 Griz Green - Jam at the Mortuary   
7 Movie Trailer - Monsters Crash the Pajama Party   
8 The MSR Singers - Monster Man   
9 The Abominable Surfers - Monster Surfer   
10 Bobby 'Boris' Jones - Surfer Smash   
11 Jupiter Jones - The Spook Spoke   
12 Bob McFadden and Dor - I Dig You Baby   
13 Movie Trailer - The Mind of Mr. Soames   
14 Albert DeSalvo - Strangler in the Night   
15 Kenny and the Fiends - House on Haunted Hill   
16 Winchell's Donut House Halloween Record - Hear the Monsters (Spooky Sounds and a Spooky Tale)   
17 Buddy Morrow and His Orchestra - The Raven   
18 The Modernaires - The Rockin' Ghost   
19 Bob Rosengarden & Phil Kraus - Satan Takes a Holiday   
20 Boris Karloff and Friends - Ha Ha Ha / The Bride of Frankenstein   
21 Movie Trailer - Brain Eaters   
22 Groovie Goolies - Goolie Garden   
23 Hap Palmer - Haunted House   
24 Bruce Haack and Norman Bridwell - The Witch's Vacation   
25 Sounds of Terror! - Burned at the Stake   
26 Louise Huebner - Intro Orgies, a Tool of Witchcraft   
27 Marty Manning and His Orchestra - Night on Bald Mountain   
28 Criswell (The Legendary) - Someone Walked Over My Grave  
1) Billy DeMarcus - Drac's Back
2) Movie Trailer - Ghost In The Invisible Bikini
3) Peter Pan Singers - Theme to Casper the Friendly Ghost
4) The Creatures - Mostly Ghostly
5) Tyrone A' Saurus & his Cro-Magnons - The Monster Twist
6) Mann Drake - Vampire's Ball
7) Movie Trailer - The Return of Count Yorga
8) The Hamburger Brothers - Omar The Vampire
9) The Zanies - The Mad Scientist
10) The Cool Ghoul - You Can't Ghoul Me
11) Ted Cassidy - The Lurch
12) The Detergents - Igor's Cellar
13) The Milton the Monster Show - Theme Song
14) Movie Trailer - Graveyard Tramps
15) Cathy Mills - Monster Hop
16) Glen Ryle - Wolf Gal
17) Movie Trailer - Dr. Jeckyl and Sister Hyde
18) Ralph Marterie and His Marlboro Men - Alfred Hitchcock Presents
19) Lois Prante Ellis and Mary Ann Parker - Troll At The General Meeting
20) Jimmy Cross - I Want My Baby Back
21) Count Baltes & The Egors - Opening The Coffin
22) Sounds of Terror! - The Exorcism
23) Al Zanino - The Vampire Speaks
So have fun, you happenin' fiends and ghouls!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sam and the Weary Worry Witches

From the October, 1964 Jack and Jill, here's "Sam and the Witches," the last part of this magazine that I haven't shared in previous years.

So, look out for witches -- and stay out of the stewpot!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Unsuspecting Schmuck Hopes to Make Time with Marilyn Munster

In these further pages from The Munsters coloring book, Mr Unnamed is helping Marilyn home with her groceries in an attempt to help fill her pantry (if you get my drift).

In an earlier post you saw Cousin Eddie in his coffinmobile.  At the left edge of this page you can see the edge of Eddie's ride.  So WHY IS MARILYN POINTING THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION?  If they'd flipped this art before printing, then Marilyn would've been pointing at her little kinsman.

If no one can come near their mailbox, HOW DO THEY GET THEIR MAIL?  I'm so confused!

More later, fiends and familiars!

Monday, October 14, 2013

MA-10 - The 2010 Spook-Tacular

Back from the limbo of a defunct hosting service, it's my Halloween compilation for 2010.

In the tradition of old spook shows, you are hereby dared to sit still the whole performance through!  Can your heart take the thrill! as monsters emerge from the speakers, REAL and ALIVE! we're not sure what happens when Frankie Stein meets the Creature with the Atom Brain, but -- WOW!

1    Halloween Sale        Goodwill       0:59
2    Attack Of The Fifty Foot Woman  The Tubes        4:25
3    It's a Nerdy Halloween       Herbert Midgley  2:42
4    Frankie-Stein        Robbie Robison  2:58
5    This Is Halloween          Panic! At the Disco    3:27
6    I Only Have Eyes for You       Spike Jones 3:26
7 Horray For Horrorwood Frankenstein Drag Queens 2:18
8 It's Halloween Greg Conley 3:07
9 Zombie Dance The Cramps 1:51
10 Mummy Beach Hot Lava 2:59
11 Love Song For A Vampire Annie Lennox 4:12
12 Creature with the Atom Brain JezusFactory 2:40
13 Saturday Evening Ghost Frankie Stein and His Ghouls 2:01
14 Halloween Song Evangelicals 2:15
15 Mummy Walk Contrails 2:36
16 Main Theme Dracula Twins 1:32
17 Vincent Price Zombina & the Skeletones2:19
18 Monster Mash Misfits 2:34
19 Kids Halloween 10/30/2008 ASK U 1:14
20 Halloween Linda Book 2:52
21 Feed My Frankenstein    Alice Cooper 4:40
22 Dead Man's Curve Jan & Dean 2:25
23 Creature from Outer Space Big EyedBeans from Venus 3:05
24 Bo Meets the Monster   Bo Diddley 3:03
25 TV  Theme Gigantor 0:52
26 Frankenstein Stomp Count Lorry & The Biters 2:01
27 The Skeleton In The Closet Louis Armstrong    3:08
28 Frankenstein Twist The Crystals 2:53
29 Frankenstein Meets The Beetles     Jekyll & Hyde 1:51
 And now your fate is is in your hands!
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