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MA-42 - Happy Christmas Time

Here is a collection I’ve made of Christmas music from many different sources, from lounge to very traditional, from instrumentals to very important lyrics.

In Track 6, “Happy Birthday Jesus,” my friends Tim and Miranda, that that time known as Sparklepop, present a sadly true and cogent look at some of the same topics raised by Charlie Brown’s “commercial dog.”  They reappear under a more recent name as Seranova, for Track 24, a great version of a song from “Charlie Brown Christmas.”

On Track 17, VM of the Beatles Remixers Group overlays a chant from one of the Beatles Fan Club’s Christmas releases with “Flying” from Magical Mystery Tour, with the result being a fun (though not profound) new Christmas ditty.

Lots of retro, punchy fun comes along in Tracks 7, 13, and 15.

Once based out of Nashville, Fleming and John work their special magic on Track 19, an Elseworlds version of “Winter Wonderland.”

Track 25 is a great piece from Joan Baez’s 1960s album Noel, with instrumentation and arrangements by Peter Schickele of PDQ Bach fame.  The entire album is a moving assemblage of music.

Track 26, from “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” just wouldn’t be the same without that shouted “Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!”  -- so I inserted that but from the TV special into the song.

I tried to put together a mix of fast and slow, of reverent and joyous.  The collection is bookended by a rousing “Hark the Herald” and a stilling “Silent Night” from an wonderful album by Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra.

As I get ready for the arrival of Jesus’ birthday, I’m always struck by a combination of emotions.  On one side is thankful humility:  God loves me so much that he sent his Son to show that love!  On the other side is sorrow and shame, to realize the sacrifice that my sinful nature requires for expiation.

Join me in being thoughtful and thankful!

Here are the songs:

01. The Philadelphia Orchestra - Hark! the Herald Angels Sing (3:10)
02. The O.C. Supertones - Joy to the World (2:41)
03. Martin Denny - Exotic Night (2:16)
04. Georgia Kelly - Little Drummer Boy (4:22)
05. Chris Willis - Sweet Little Jesus Boy (4:00)
06. Sparklepop - Happy Birthday Jesus (3:37)
07. Capitol Studio Orchestra - Cha-Cha All the Way (2:19)
08. Teja Bell - Carol of the Bells (3:49)
09. Joan Baez - O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (2:58)
10. Sarah Masen - Heaven's Got a Baby (4:17)
11. The Philadelphia Orchestra - Away in a Manger (2:26)
12. Erin O'Donnell - I Need Christmas (3:49)
13. Claymation Christmas Celebration - We Three Kings Bop (2:50)
14. Elvis Presley - Here Comes Santa Claus (1:57)
15. Johnny Mercer - Jingle Bells (2:36)
16. Twila Paris - Silent Night (4:25)
17. The Beatles (VM) - Christmas Time Is Here Again (2:03)
18. The Drifters - White Christmas (2:38)
19. Fleming and John - Winter Wonderland (3:40)
20. Billy May - Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer Mambo (2:38)
21. Xmas! The Beatmas - Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree (2:31)
22. Five Iron Frenzy - You Gotta Get Up (2:27)
23. A Charlie Brown Christmas - Hark, the Herald Angels Sing (1:55)
24. Seranova - Christmastime Is Here (3:16)
25. Joan Baez - I Wonder as I Wander (3:53)
26. The Philadelphia Orchestra - Silent Night, Holy Night (3:16)

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And Track 22 is ONE OF MY FAVORITES!!!
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