Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Better Than the IN-active Book of Fun.

One of the tie-ins with the 1984 Supergirl movie was this book of word-finds, coloring, and easy puzzles.
You know, no wonder Ethan the gardener was so easy for Selena to mis-direct into serving her (Selena) instead of his true love, Linda Lee. Ethan has a thing for older women, as suggested by the name of his business. It's right there on the side of his truck, "Ethan's Mother Earth Landscaping Service." Oh, also note the cute "23 1/2 hr. service" also -- I guess a guy should get a half hour for lunch.
By the way, Helen Slater looked pretty good as Supergirl. Too bad it was such a pathetic story.
But hey, don't forget the lovely Jerry goldsmith score!
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