Friday, February 01, 2008

Copyright by Joanne Siegel and Heirs!

This hyar guy's name is no longer to be found much around the DC Corral. Ever since the Law back East done judged 'im to be propertied to Jerry Siegel's Estate, all of a sudden there's nary a Superboy to be found at the Dagnabbed Company whut got rich off'n him and his kin.
Anyways, this hyar guy, as seen on this card, is a carbon-copy of some type.
The news in these parts is, that the latest guy to bear the name has been renamed Stupid-Man Prime or somethin' suchlike.
All because the Dangblasted Critters are skeered to use this hyar fella's name OUT LOUD and IN PRINT, cuz iff'n they DO, they'll have to pay a few cents to Pappy Siegel's poor grandchildren.
In my sights, it's Durned Criminal to treat the Siegels thataway.
Whut do YOU fellers think?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Big Gun Superman"?

Here's the card for a Superman action figure based on the wrap-up of the "Death and Return" storyline.

They don't say HOW Supes was "left without his super powers," but that's the storyline where this suit came from.
Hmm. Looks to me like that "Laser Superman" gun probably outweighs the guy carrying it! It's supposed to be an "equalizer," kind of like how Bucky, the new Captain America, carries a sidearm because, unlike Steve Rogers, he hasn't got super soldier powers.
How big would the holster be for that thing!
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