Friday, October 28, 2016

The Last Topps Monster Cards for This Year

 This is a great line.

 I believe the woman's face is an airbrushed replacement for the original.

 The above image was a riff on the famous Crest toothpaste ads.

See you Monday for a final reminiscence!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

More Munsterizing

This week's Munster coloring-book pages:

And this week's cleaned-up coloring page:
See you on Friday with some more Topps Monster Cards!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Revenants from Halloween 1984

For Halloween 1984, I dressed up as our favorite crazy mixed-up kid.
With green makeup, an old suit, and wooden empty thread spools, I staggered through the neighborhood.

As is proven by the second photo, the 18-month-old in the house was not particularly frightened.

Also in 1984, I came up with this scribbling (yes, it's a sonnet):

 by Mark Alfred
Friday the 13th, April, 1984

Enveloping, it chafes and smothers you;
You have no warning; then it is too late
To keep from seeing what no others do.
This is your private torment; yours the gate
That leads into the hidden, dim recess
Of every misbegotten lust and dream.
For nothing here forbids: no foul excess
Can be denied in this dark-litten gleam.
Your self is yourself’s pris’ner, and no cell
Could grip with clammy clutch to such intent.
Awakened, you must sleep, and who could tell
What horrors lurked in sleep, or what they meant?
It seems the grandest terrors still remain;
Your pleasant, daylight heart must bear the stain.

See you on Wednesday, fellow frighteners!
All original content
© by Mark Alfred