Monday, April 07, 2014

Amazon, You're Silly. Go Home Now

Amazon has lots of fine services, you betcha.  But their "you might like this" algorithm sometimes spits out suggestions that are kind of silly.

For example, a waterproof digital thermometer might be handy, but what does one of these have to do with the fact that I edited/rated a book about the STAR TREK TV series?  Did my review get me into hot water with somebody?  (nyuk-nyuk-nyuk)

 For a Halloween outfit, I bought some "Jake the Dog from Adventure Time glasses" -- but that doesn't mean I wear the them as a nose filter when I'm painting the house.  Alternately, unless Jake the Dog is supposed to be BLUE, I can't see needing this to help in my costume.

William J Dowlding's Beatlesongs is a fine book with tons of fun tit-bits about the development and background of Beatles songs.  But look at these six suggestions from Amazon, all based on the fact that I told Amazon I own a copy!

I guess if I'm smart enough to like Beatles music, I must want to know about data Information Systems; need to learn more about the US Constitution (although, seriously, you can never know ENOUGH about the backbone of our freedom); learn about Charles Baudelaire, the decadent French poet/writer; and other political stuff.

The only rationale I can come up with is, maybe Beatlesongs is used as a textbook somewhere, which trips a relational circuit in Amazon's "suggested for you" thingie.

See you next Monday with some skewed observations for this Silly April month.
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