Friday, July 17, 2020

Almost TREK

If you've read this breathless 1974 flying-saucer tome, then you've seen an example of what I call "Almost TREK."

Specifically, the top-right image looks like an out-of-focus AMT Enterprise model.  And the bottom pair of photos from Sky Lab III look like the Enterprise without its saucer.
From JC Penney's 1980 Christmas catalog, here's another suspiciously evocative shape.
Cropped from a big display ad in the September 24, 1982 Daily Oklahoma, this TV sold by Dillard's department store wanted you to space out!
This is from the June 6, 1988 Daily Oklahoman.  The saucer section is from a Star Trek: The Next Generation model.  You tell me what the bottom is -- looks like a US space shuttle shrinkwrapped with a Frisbee.

Anyway, all of these images are ... Almost TREK.

See you back here on Monday for some more cartoons referencing Star Trek.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Marriage Drama (or Trauma) -- and a TREK Movie Preview

Yes, from January 17, 1989, we learn that Leonard Nimoy stiffed his TREK costars by getting married without their company.

But on the bright side, here's a peek at Star Trek V:
What do you think?  Is it likely the rebel will find Heaven and God?  Hmmmm ...
Stay tuned!  See you on Friday for more scrapings from the scrapbooks.

Monday, July 13, 2020

TREK Cartoons #1

They all require familiarity with Star Trek tropes to be "funny."

Only you can decide how funny they might be!

See you back here on Wednesday for some breathless news, courtesy of the National Enquirer!
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