Friday, February 03, 2012

That Sneaky George Washington!

Our hero Bob Hope, in his quest to find the Golden Gazelle, has gone back in time to December 26, 1776, because one of George Washington's men is Nigel Wednesday, its last known possessor.

Having arrived by falling into the Potomac, they must convince General Washington that they aren't Prussian spies.  So, they undertake a little mission . . .

Don't ask (or tell) if 18th-century tenchnology could contrive a time bomb that would fit into a leetle-bitty old alarm clock.  We'll just handwave it and blame it on the Steampunkers.

Problem is, there's already a Santa in the Hessian camp!  So, it's off to the gender-bender closet, and voila! Instant MISSUS SANTA CLAUS.

The only problem with that is, MISTER Claus wants to get a little frisky.  Time for Rocky and Bullwinkle to save the day!

Oops, that was a commercial.  Anyway, we'll see the next page or three Monday or Tuesday.  Until then, Bob must endure Santa's schnapps breath!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Money-Saving for British Spies -- hmmm?

The next page in The Adventures of Bob Hope #89 contains two ads.  The top ad is for the entertainment venue made immortal by songwriter (and Gong Show Guru) Chuck Barris and singer Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon, the eponymous "Palisades Park."  I sure wish somebody could tell me what the "Crazy Crystals" ride was all about!  As a kid from Oklahoma, I never made it farther east than Chicago.  Also, that's a processed version of a Wayne Boring Superman at the top left of the ad.

The bottom half of the page is DC's standard-at-the-time subscription ad.  If you subscribed to a year's worth, you got ten 12-cent comics for $1.  That's a fine deal, but I always bought MY comics from a greasy guy in an alley.  Not really, it was the local grocery store.

With Part Three of our silly story, "A Comedy of Eras," Bob and his smart pooch Harvard Harvard III have gone even FURTHER back in time in search of the Golden Gazelle, all the way to George Washington's famous sneak attack across the Delaware on December 26, 1776.

The first problem is in the way they arrive, dropping from the sky like the murdered skydiver in last night's CSI: Miami.  Good news?  They land in water.  Bad news?  It's December water.  Also,  our well-intentioned loudmouth (Bob Hope, not your humble blogger) starts shouting so loud that General Washington immediately decides that they must be British spies.

More of Part 3, "A Ridiculous St Nick-ulous," in a few days.
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