Wednesday, February 13, 2019

It's Here! MARY by Herbie J Pilato

Yes, Mary, by Herbie J Pilato, is available on Amazon and at Jacobs/Brown Press.  If you buy it from J/B, you'll receive an autographed copy.  So, order now and make Herbie J have to use an Ace bandage to prevent writer's cramp!

It's the tale of a complex woman whose life was neither the sunshine of Laura Petrie nor the angst of First You Cry.  Her roles affected worldwide pop culture in many ways.  She used her celebrity to aid several causes, such as animal rights and juvenile diabetes.

We remember her best as the earnest American modern woman, determined to do her best and take her own place in the world.

Herbie J's Book examines her life and work from end to end, with zillions of quotations and references from newspapers and books.  He also includes material from new interviews with folks who knew and worked with Mary.

Buy this book!  It's much more involving, thrilling, and moving than my bare-bones summary.

PS I was the editor for this book, and it was enlightening and fun to learn so much more about Mary than I had known from her public image.  I came to feel compassion for her struggles and pride in her accomplishments.

See you later, friends!  Now … BUY THE BOOK.
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