Monday, April 14, 2014

Celebrating the Wonders of Past Come-Ons

 Mommy, can I have a dinosaur?  It looks like a plant-eater.  Surely it'll eat less than that pony I've been asking for!

I tend to think that there might be a lot more takers to wear free clothes nowadays ... except it's so hard for the mailman to find the right alley and cardboard box.  If only this could solve the clothing shortage!
 Seeing a guy in a strange suit pouring a blood-red decoction and claiming it's "Miracle Aid" seems a little sacrilegious.  The "instant" part sounds like an additional jab at my Catholic friends.

 A 1966 ad for a teen-oriented comic shows another facet of the "grown-ups don't get it" conundrum.  Maybe the creepiest part is Sylvester, who loves having Scooter as his "disco-buddy."

The limerick may be a little lame, but I still say that the world can never have enough Go-Go Checks.

Now we know the origin of all of those bad Groucho-Marx glasses!  Alternatively, if Roy Kroc had not bought one of these machines back in 1966, the world wouldn't now be overrun with about 13 billion crappy plastic toys.  Once in a McDonald's Happy Meals box -- forever under your bare foot at two in the morning!

See you next Monday.  Stay silly!  After all, our elected officials might need someone to take up the slack!

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