Thursday, December 10, 2015

Silly Amazon Suggestions

            As the commercial realm tries to get you to BUY-BUY-BUY things, on Thursdays I’m going to share some of the left-field suggestions that Amazon’s algorithms have calculated for me.

            You know how it works.  If you buy A, Amazon’s computers suggest that you might like to by B, because B is the same sort of consumer item as A.  Or, B is an author who sells the same genre of books as A.  USW. (German:  “und so weiter,”  their version of  “et cetera.”)

   All sorts of sport may be made about this one!  Because I own a DVD of the Burton-inspired movie, I might wish to read a spout of anti-materialism, individuality-hating stuff?  Not likely.

    My first guess as to the linkage here is a depressing one.  The main character of The Rook, while a superhero who kills rather a few naughty types, is nevertheless a single British female.  So, of course anyone who reads about her owns a cat!

   Come on, now!  Just because I bought a cassette/CD boombox, I own a cat?  I'm insulted!


By the way, I heartily recommend a place in your lives for all three of the items which Amazon rightly deduced that I own.  Each can enrich your life, in various ways.

NOT THE SUGGESTIONS ... the original items!

See you Monday.


Monday, December 07, 2015

Memory Lane - Starlog #11 - Computer Games

This is from the issue of STARLOG cover-dated the month of our wedding -- January 1978.

It's up to you to make a list of the differences between then-and-now video games.  I know that my first game was a Space Invaders-type that was a plug-in cartridge.  The cartridge plugged into the back of my Commodore 64.  Which, of course, was wired with an RF splitter to a portable color TV.

The splitter looked something like this:

See you later.

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