Thursday, May 26, 2016

Re-Post of MA-20 - The Fallout Follies

Here's another entry in my continuing quest to find fun pop songs from every genre about atomic topics.

1 -   Talking Atom      Pete Seeger         1947
2 - The Fall of the Planet Earth     The Moonbillies         1960
3 -  Talkin' World War III Blues       Bob Dylan          1963
4 -  Mushroom Clouds     Love   1966
5 -  Handsome Johnny     Richie Havens      1967
6 -  Thank Christ For The Bomb (edit)     Groundhog 1970
7 - King of the World Steely Dan 1973
8 - Atom Satillite Del Byzanteens 1979
9 - Face the Fire Dan Fogelberg 1979
10 - Uh-Oh Plutonium Anne Waldman 1982
11 - Two Suns In The Sunset Pink Floyd   1983
12 - I Hate You (from STAR TREK IV)   Edge of Ettiquette 1986
13 - After the War Gary Moore 1989
14 - The Bomb Song Corey Dwyer 1990
15 - Enola Gay Utah Phillips 1991
16 - Hot Frogs on the Loose Frank Small 1993
17 - Duct Tape John McCutcheon 2004
18 - Feed the Bomb Project Bluebird 2009
19 - Whistling in the Nuclear Wind Karl W Mahlmann 2011

Some songs are pretty awful (Track 2), some are pop treasures (Track 10), some are sarcastic (Tracks 12 or 17).  All are fun! 

I like the graphics on the cover, too.

MA-20 - The Fallout Follies

See you Monday.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Welcome to the Fortress of Markitude! #5

NOTE:  all of these pictures were taken a few years ago when the place was less cluttered.  All text is in the present tense anyway.

Now we have exited the Comics Closet and are headed south along the west wall.

At the right margin of this photo you can glimpse the edge of the bookshelves.  They are six feet high and seven-and-a-half feet wide, holding 400 books or so.

Just past them is a little square table. That table sits in front of the room’s only window.  The table and chair hold a big space in my heart because they came from the Patio on Classen Circle.

Above the window is a fine assortment of action figures dangling from a shelf.  Also dangling from each end of the shelf are various Superman suspenders and belts (for kids).

Across the back of the shelf are two Superman placemats and a metal tray with art from  Superman II.  On the shelf are the Star Trek cartoon glasses and various DC Superhero glasses from (I believe) Pizza Hut.

 Standing in the corner is a tall wardrobe-type shelf.  On top of the shelf are kids’ shoes, a bottle (empty) of Superman vitamins, and other stuff collected by somebody with too much time on his hands.

PHOTO 14 - Desktop Detail

On top of the computer desk are various jigsaw puzzles; a Superman stein; and some random action figures.

More items from the Fortress next time!

See you Thursday.

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