Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another Comment on the Smallville Finale

No, I haven't made a comment before.  But just about everybody else has!  One online survey of fans had an option, "Better than I thought it would be."  Well, I guess that's how I felt too, overall.

Kudos to the producers for bringing in John Schneider. Thank you.  And, with only twenty minutes or so left, to hell with the whole "no flights or tights" thing.  And triple thanks for keeping Lana OUT of it.

...change of thought ...
On December 7, 1979, Joyce and I were in line to enter the first showing of STAR TREK: The Motion Picture.  The guy next to us kept saying to his wife, "I've waited TEN YEARS for this."

Me, too!  In the last fifteen minutes we finally got to see Clark be Superman.  I think it worked pretty well.  I won't quibble about Ollie's magic disintegrator arrows, or how Superman's identity is safe in a world where a SMALLVILLE comic is published, it comes ... I had this one small, niggling observation.

I will accept the magickally-assisted rebirth of Lex Luthor and the possession of Lionel Luthor's shell by a demon we called Darkseid.  I believe a man can fly.

My question is, why wasn't EVERYONE ELSE flying, due to a planet-sized gravitational pull, only a hundred miles or so above the Earth?  You know, they all say that the Rings of Saturn may have been caused by a Saturnian moon that was pulled apart by gravitational forces.

Well, what about a couple of PLANETS closer than Paul Newman's rimshot in The Hustler?

I'm just sayin'.

PS I DO like it that this Superman can push around planets!  Of course, we'll never see him again, but this was, overall, a good way to try and get from the creepiness of Smallville to the lighter world of Superman.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bizarro Not Leap the frog!

Here's a pretty cute story from the Leapfrog Superman module.

Me not like this story.  You not like it either!
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