Monday, June 22, 2020

Missing Pieces from 1983

Who else remembers Video Review magazine?  It was one of several periodicals competing for the home-video enthusiasts' buck.  These mags hyped upcoming releases, talked about camcorders and basic editing issues, and sold sketchy tech in the classifieds.
 Of course, video enhancers were never intended to forestall signal degradation when making your own copies of material.  Oh, no.
Above are two examples of the techno-wizardry offered, from 1984 issues.

The following article, from the February, 1983 issue, talks about TV edits, added footage, and the like.  Nerdy heaven!

If you're a REAL nerdy type, you can compare this article with the Special Edition Blu-rays or DVDs on your home shelf and think about all the once-rare treasures you now possess!

See you next Monday, friends!
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