Thursday, June 12, 2008

7-11 Cups (2): The Brainiac-Luthor Team!

Well, OK, the cups are separate -- but if the title "The Brainiac-Luthor Team!" was good enough for Jim Shooter and DC, it's good enough for me!

Note the great Curt Swan source art for both cups. And especially note the flat-out evee-yill (that's how you pronounce an evil THIS EVIL) depiction of Mrs Luthor's least favorite son.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Attendance at SoonerCon?

In response to Paul C's question/comment about SoonerCon attendance -- did we have more attendees in 2008 than 2007? -- Soonercon Chair Jerry Wall told me,

Yeah. I think it seemed like less because we didn't have that ultra crowded area near registration... so it seemed less full there. But the exhibitor's hall was fairly busy. We also had more per day (more 3 day memberships vs 1 day, so people came more often). Rocky Horror was also totally full this year, while last year we had plenty of room, and SinnerCon was packed. Since some of those folks didn't spend much time in the con during the day, that may also have made it look less crowded.


Monday, June 09, 2008

7-11 Cups (1)

Welcome back after SoonerCon 2008!

I don't know if we cracked a thousand people, but the place was more abuzz than any previous year!

And in the Exhibitor's Hall, I found some more nifty Super-Stuff that I never even knew about before!

Seems in 1973, DC put out a whole line of cups through the 7-11 convenience store chain. One SoonerCon vendor had about twenty different ones. And just like somebody who keeps coming back for another handful of peanuts, I kept drifting on back by, until he finally made me a package deal on all of 'em!

Here are a few of them. Let's call these the Smallville Run.

Note that these characters and descriptions are firmly Silver Age.

In a later batch of cups, you'll see a few concessions to the '70s.
I'd say that the Superboy is from Curt Swan art, and the Kents are from George Papp's work.
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