Monday, April 11, 2016

Super Toiletries

These fine additions to anybody’s grooming collection are from Avon.  The Interweb says that the Superman hairbrush is from 1976.

          We have the brush, but no packaging.  From elsewhere, here are photos of the box it came in:

           From a different thrift store and a different time, we have an Avon Wonder Woman hand mirror.

         It’s from 1978, and the mirror was missing when I found the thing.

          There are good and bad points in regards to grooming with the Superheroes.:

Pros:  When brushing your hair, you can sneak a peek at Superman’s buns.
Cons: While gazing into the mirror, reflect that you can never be as beautiful as Wonder Woman.

          And on the third hand, you may see some Wonder Woman scissors, also from 1978.

          While perusing this blog may or may not give you “hours of fun and educational for children and grown-ups too” (read the scissors’ card), I hope to provide you with a few moments’ bemusement.

See you next Monday!
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