Saturday, October 13, 2012

From 1964 Jack & Jill

Here's the do-it-yourself calendar page from the October, 1964 Jack & Jill.  The days of the wek don;t match this year, but it's still fun.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Behold a Crown Jewel

My big brother Robert is nine years older than me.  And when I came along, he was forced to share his bedroom with me.

Now that I am a grown-up, I feel like constantly apologizing for his having to put up with THAT!

So when he went to college . . . got married . . . moved out . . . some things got left behind.

And believe it or not, there are some of these things, that I did not break!  Here is one of them . . .

Here's a first-issue 1961 Frankenstein model, in a photo taken last month.  It makes me smile and be happy just to look at ol' Frank.  He's proof that I didn't ruin EVERYTHING pertaining to my childhood. 

I don't remember if I have ever offered to give him back to Robert, but why start now?

Next to Frank is HIS OWN pesky little brother, the provenance of which I don't recall.  Its arms move and I think his green head and his hands are supposed to glow in the dark.

You'll meet a couple of Frank's cousins later this month.  See you tomorrow, kiddies!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

More Halloween Stuff from the Attic

In case you couldn't tell by their color, these monsters from Marx Toys glow in the dark!


Notice that, as with Aurora's Frankenstein, the preferred face-under-the-makeup is not Boris Karloff, but Glenn Strange.

How many of you know that many of us Baby Boomers got to know Glenn Strange by his real face, on Gunsmoke?

He played Sam Noonan, the barkeeper at the Long Branch Saloon, from 1961 until his death in 1973.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More Coloring Pages of Scary Guys (and Gal)

Somebody (named Melissa and now 21 years old) got to the above page first!

When, in their song "D.O.A.," the group Bloodrock sang, "The girl I knew has such a distant stare," I don;t think they meant THIS kind of stair!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Monster Hot Rod Craze

The resurgence in popularity of monsters started with the "Shock Theatre" release of Universal monster/sci-fi movies to TV stations in the late 1950s.  By the early 1960s they had permeated popular culture and trickled down to the youth scene.

Many Boomers grew up with monsters in our living room -- wasn't it grand?

A nice synergy developed when somebody in marketing decided to cross-pollinate monsters with the surf-driven car-customizing crowd.  And so we got, monster dragsters!

These are all re-issues of original Aurora kits.  I haven't opened them yet.

My big brother had Frankenstein's Flivver.  I can tell you from experience that Aurora did a smart thing by reusing pieces of the ORIGINAL Aurora model.  The thorax, head, and left arm of the Frankenstein Monster were identical to the original kit!

From the looks of things, they might have re-used Dracula's original head in his kit.  And Wolf Man's Wagon could have used the head, body, and right arm of the original.

Perhaps someday when my in-the-womb grandson is old enough, we'll open these kits and I'll give him a little monster schoolin'.

See you tomorrow!

Monday, October 08, 2012

The 2010 Spook-Tacular

Here is my 2010 Halloween compilation. It has been unavailable until now because the hoster, Mega-you-know-who, is no longer extant.

Here's what's on the plate:

1 Halloween Sale Goodwill 0:59
2 Attack Of The Fifty Foot Woman The Tubes 4:25
3 It's a Nerdy Halloween Herbert Midgley 2:42
4 Frankie-Stein Robbie Robison 2:58
5 This Is Halloween Panic! At the Disco 3:27
6 I Only Have Eyes for You Spike Jones 3:26
7 Horray For Horrorwood Frankenstein Drag Queens 2:18
8 It's Halloween Greg Conley 3:07
9 Zombie Dance The Cramps 1:51
10 Mummy Beach Hot Lava 2:59
11 Love Song For A Vampire Annie Lennox 4:12
12 Creature with the Atom Brain JezusFactory 2:40
13 Saturday Evening Ghost Frankie Stein and His Ghouls 2:01
14 Halloween Song Evangelicals 2:15
15 Mummy Walk Contrails 2:36
16 Main Theme Dracula Twins 1:32
17 Vincent Price Zombina & the Skeletones2:19
18 Monster Mash Misfits 2:34
19 Kids Halloween 10/30/2008 ASK U 1:14
20 Halloween Linda Book 2:52
21 Feed My Frankenstein Alice Cooper 4:40
22 Dead Man's Curve Jan & Dean 2:25
23 Creature from Outer Space Big EyedBeans from Venus 3:05
24 Bo Meets the Monster Bo Diddley 3:03
25 TV Theme Gigantor 0:52
26 Frankenstein Stomp Count Lorry & The Biters 2:01
27 The Skeleton In The Closet Louis Armstrong 3:08
28 Frankenstein Twist The Crystals 2:53
29 Frankenstein Meets The Beetles Jekyll & Hyde 1:51

See you later, kiddies!

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Another Piece of Faded Love

Aurrora came out with this model, "The Witch," in 1964.  I bought one and built one.  However, below you can see what I have left!

She lives in the attic with our Halloween decorations.  She doesn't even have any feet left . . . or a right hand . . .

Next to here in the photo is another candy topper like the Mummy shown previously, the cap to a plastic tube of M&M-type things.

Tomorrow, a Musical Monday cross-post with Spock's Record Round-Up!
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