Monday, February 20, 2017

Lost in Space, Volume 3 Is Here!

            Well, my friends, this particular trip through time and space is at an end.  The product of years of research and dozens of interviews with cast and crew, Irwin Allen's Lost in Space: The Authorized Biography of a Classic Sci-Fi Series, Volume 3 is in release.

            Amazon listings for  the first two books:  Volume 1 and Volume 2.
            As with Cushman’s previous books on Star Trek, the production of each TV episode is given an exhaustive summary, from story idea to casting, special effects, and contemporary opinions of the show, including fan letters.
            What a ton of fun!
            All kinds of fascinating but little-known stories are told.  This big book tells the story of LiS’s final season, and the latter lives and careers of the headliners.  For example, the cast appeared several times on Family Feud for fundraising.  And did you know that Guy Williams enjoyed a huge following in Argentina, due to his Zorro series?  I didn’t know about the wild adulation he received “south of the border.”  You’ll learn all about the proposed Zorro sequel series, and more.
            Here’s an image of the uncorrected version of the penultimate chapter.  This is from my editing file:
            As you may know, Lost in Space was picked up for a fourth season.  In this book you’ll learn why that never happened.  And all about the various proposals for reunion series or films.  You’ll gain a new appreciation for how hard the production crew and the stars had to work, as you read about the various stage, TV, and movie projects that they worked in.
            And before long you’ll gain an appreciation for the wacky dedication of the author to his topic.  His affection for the show brings his research to life, so you’re not reading a dull listing of facts.  It’s fun.
            If you like Lost in Space, 1960s Tv, televised sci-fi, or show business in general, you’ll really like this book.  I know that I said, “Huh.  Wow!” more times than I could count.
            Future books on SF TV are forthcoming, just give us time!

            You can buy this book from Amazon or from Jacobs/Brown Press, the publishers.

TRUTH IN REVIEWING:  I’m the editor of this book.  That means I got to read it first – pretty neat, huh?

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