Monday, December 17, 2018

More Things from Inside Books

I have always had a habit of noticing things which are tangentially relevant to other things.  I decided that these things were appropriate to The Annotated Mother Goose, a 1962 book by several members of the Baring-Gould Family.
Above is a scan of my copy's front cover.  Inside the book, I recently found a clipping from an unknown Reader's Digest:
And a Sunday strip from 1975 of The Born Loser:

Believe me, I know exactly how Brutus feels!  

I too can become caught up in a wistful memory.  Oftentimes it's cause by seeing a full moon.  But I've been known to let out with an imitation werewolf howl at any phase of the moon!

See you next Monday for more profound silliness.
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