Monday, April 23, 2018

Uses for CD Spindle Cases

            I buy my blank CD-Rs by the stack.  I really like these:
            But when you’ve used all of the CDs, should you just throw the spindle case away?

            Several people have proposed re-uses for the spindle cases.  You’ve probably seen these.

Some of the ideas, while clever, are a lot of work.   

            Yes, that’s a light inside the case!

            As you can see from this idea, not only do you have to drill holes in your wall, but them spindles is really too flimsy to hang anythin’ from, besides necklaces or the occasional shrunken head.

            There’s always somebody playing with superhero action figures at our place.  Sometimes those guys need a time out, and this is what I devised.

            My most useful improvisation merely requires you to remove the spindle.

           Once you do that, you’ve got a perfect way to keep your paper coffee filters from getting smashed.

            See you next Monday for more APRIL  FOOLISHNESS!

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