Friday, August 28, 2020

Visit My New Blog to Learn About the Race to the Moon!

Yep, this is a proffering of all the hundreds of newspaper and magazine clippings I collected in the late 1960s.

Read all about it in the first post.

And there'll be new posts of a different contemporaneous news item (sometimes many pages at once) over MOON-DAY (get it)?

See you over there every Monday, at Mark's Moon Memories !

See you here (and there!) on Monday, campers!

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Superman Comic Flies off Shelves!

Yep, if he bleeds, it sells.

Some of us were at the age that we believed what they told us ... NOT a dream, NOT an imaginary story!

The wonderful folks at Planet Comics were "nice" enough to "let" me buy several copies of the Death of Superman run.  A couple of years later I sold one clump of the storyline for $60 (about twice the cover prices).  Believe it or not!

Well, if you can believe me, we'll be back on Monday.

Monday, August 24, 2020

Aliens and a Werewolf -- Wowsa!

All of these breathless and absolutely factual tales are from the April 2, 1991 issue of The Sun.
 Who knows, maybe for a while she was a Face on Mars!
Don't you wonder who's gonna pay to dig it out of that basement?
Where wolf?  There wolf!  In them thar woods!

I hope you will remain baffled until something new appears on Thursday ...
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