Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Time Capsule from 1984

When I was sorting out some books to get rid of, I found this clipping from April 20, 1984, in one of my "Kennedy killer" books.  After a second glance, I thought it was an interesting window on those long-ago times.

"Meese Nomination Assailed" -- Edwin Meese did in fact become Attorney General, but resigned in 1988 during the WedTech scandal, which linked government officials, corporations, and improper payments/use of influence.  Wow, that doesn't happen nowadays, does it, Solyndra?

"Oswald Interrogator Dies at 88" -- This is why I kept this clipping.  Why I thought it important to keep, I don't know.  But, yes, Fritz was a Dallas PD detective who questioned Oswald after the latter's arrest for shooting Patrolman Tippitt.

"Jackson Resting Comfortably" -- That may or may not be true in 2011, considering the limp-wristed treatment of Dr Conrad Murray, his killer.  But in 1984, this referred to the infamous Pepsi "whole new generation" commercial, which featured a big production video based on the Jackson song "Billie Jean."  While strutting down some steps on the production stage, some fireworks went off too close to the singer's Afro and caught his hair on fire.

Believe it or not, in 1984 MJ was widely considered to be both black and male.  In ensuing years, the pop star seemed to be trying to nullify both conditions, until his pathetic death as a drugged-out zombie.  What a sad thing.

The back side of this "clipping" is easily recognized as part of an ad for Romancing the Stone, which blended elements of Indiana Jones and His Girl Friday for a fun, adventurous romp.

By the way, none of the three theatres mentioned in the ad (the complete name of the first is Northpark 4) is in business any more.

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