Monday, August 06, 2018

Poison Ivy Comes a-Creepin' Around!

I just finished a fun book by Linda Barnes, the 1990 Coyote, featuring her PI character Carlotta Carlyle.

The version I read is the original 1990 publication, with this cover:

As true-blue Super Blog readers, you too see something familiar in the cover, yes?
  1. Go-Go Checks
  2. Font like a comic-book font
  3. A red-haired, sly-lookin' gal
It took me about 30 seconds to place the gestalt.  Why, the cover design is imitating the debut of Poison Ivy in Batman #181, from 1966!

Look for yourself, as represented by my own copy:
Or for a closer look:
You can't convince me that this was unintentional!

So, kudos to the folks behind this cover design:
Keep your own eyes peeled, campers.  The Silver Age is all around us!

See you next Monday.

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