Friday, October 11, 2013

Olde Halloween Relics

Actually, you could say that I'm an old Halloween relic!  But these pics are selected from a party in 1977 -- a few months before that wonderful event known as our wedding.

On the left is lovely Joyce, wearing my Groucho Marx suit.  She's watching as Jan Engleman watches her fiancé, now-internationally famous composer and pianist Roger Price, lunge for an apple.  They're dressed as high-school jocks.  On the right is friend Robyn Brevard as a Funeral Home Honey, waiting her turn.

Proof that Joyce once showed a little whimsy!

Robyn gets her own chance at the apple, watched by her roommate Tina Melton, who's garbed as a highway accident victim.
Another view of the two, flanked by an international student from OCU at the time.

Yours truly, in getup as Luke Skywalker, photobombs friends Sara and Ed Oakley.  Sara is cast against character as a witch, while Ed Oakley is a zombie version of (big failure) Penn Square Bank's Bill Patterson.

Robyn looks very fetching in her bite of the apple.

Amongst the group of revelers is that high-tech entertainment device known as a television.  It's black-and-white ... it's got a dial ... it's got a single metal antenna ... it's high tech.
See you on Monday with another mad music al offering!


Wings1295 said...

Looks like a fun time!

Mark Alfred said...

... and no alcohol necessary!

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