Monday, May 18, 2009

Stuck in the Dealer's Room with Me (apologies to Stealer's Wheel)

At BabelCon '81, as in many cons, I sold stuff in the Dealers' Room. At '81, I shared my table with my friend Ed Porter, who can be seen in his Battlestar Galactica Colonial Warrior outfit.

Many times I'd wear a Trek costume, and as you can see, I wasn't the only one.

The gal with the bagpipe and also in the STTMP Engineering outfit was named called Sunny, if I recall. She could actually PLAY that thing.
At a Saturday night room party where I was present with Sunny, writer C J Cherryh, Jimmy Doohan, and others, she had her bagpipe (in its case) and Mr D agreed to autograph it for her. Now, as I said last week, this was before STII's release, and SOMETHING was in the wind as far as "a big thing happening" in the movie, but we didn't know what.
Mr D wouldn't tell us anything either, but he DID write on Sunny's bagpipe case, along with his name, the words "a sombre tone," which meant a lot more after we saw STII and knew Spock had snuffed it, joined the choir eternal, was an ex-Vulcan.

As is apparent, on Saturday morning I shaved off my mustache, the better to wear Vulcan eyebrows and ears for the Saturday evening Costume Contest.
Am I the only would-be Vulcan to actually trim his eyebrows and glue on the clippings to make the Vulcan angled eyebrow?

Sometimes, gals just came by to say hi and have their picture taken. No problems with that!
Starting tomorrow: Did somebody say McDonald's STAR TREK Meals?

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