Friday, May 22, 2009

Finally, Decker Gets His Picture on a Box!

Here is the last of the four McDonald's STAR TREK Meals boxes.

Pity Stephen Collins. He was originally hired as the lead in STAR TREK: The Series, when in 1977 or whenever, Paramount was planning to launch the "Fourth Network." Then Star Wars hit big, and SF was glamorous again. Paramount decided to go for a Trek movie.

Then sort of like in the actual film of STTMP, Shatner/Kirk swooped in and took over the ship!

Or, as the actual box caption says below Collins'Decker's portrait, "The young captain is removed from command of the ship when Kirk returns."
Not, "Decker saves the ship because of his understanding of the new Enterprise." Or, "Decker has sex with a robot to save the Enterprise and Earth." Nope, just "removed from command."
And don't forget Mr Spock saying, "Help! we are lost."
To quote Hekyll and Jekyll, See you next week with a brand new post. Ta ta!

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