Monday, March 03, 2008

A Trek Fan Turns Pro!

Beginning with TNG-1, my friend Larry Nemecek had been tracking every arcane reference in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Every name and reference. Freeze-framing (on videotape that is) to read display screens. All that good stuff.

And, helpful guy that he is, when he finished a volume, he made sure to send a copy to the TNG staffers at Paramount, in tribute.

How thrilled he was to hear that the writing staff was actually USING his reference collection, because it was more organized than their own notes!

After all, as a journalist at the Norman, OK Transcript, he knew a thing or two about note-taking!

Well, time passed, and Larry earned a "pro" contract with Pocket Books to meld together his entire TNG series.

Here's the first printing. Also I blushingly present the Acknowledgments page, wherein ThunderChief thanks yours truly and another pair of STAR OKC compadres, the sweet and wonderful (and prickly) Mike and Tamara Hodge.

We helped him out a little bit.

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