Friday, March 07, 2008

Welcome to Her World, Won't You Stick Around?

Here is the play area of Wonder Woman's Colorforms Playset.

As you can tell, it's set on Paradise Island. For Zeus's sake, let's hope that the Invisible Airplane is supposed to be in the background far away, and not zooming through this clearing.

The only two character pieces that survived for me to buy were a generic Bad Guy, and a very -- um, athletic -- Wonder Woman.

Either Wonder Woman is swinging down from a tree branch like a gymnast making a high dismount, or perhaps she's in the middle of a forward somersault off an unseen trampoline?

Doesn't the Bad Guy look kind of like Bruce Lee? Maybe this set originally featured Wonder Woman and Kato teaming up against somebody else!
On second thought, given the expression on her face, maybe Princess Dianna slipped on a banana peel?

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