Sunday, September 09, 2007

Great Art, on a Super Apron!

Back before I started living at a thrift store (running one that is), I used to haunt them to shop for nifty stuff.

One such nifty thing is this great arts-and-crafts-type Superman Apron. It's like a smock or a toga, covers front and back, and it's made of vinyl.

Across the front center we see Neal Adams' great rendering of Supes from the cover of Superman #233, when Kryptonite was made no more.

At the bottom left we have Curt Swan's Swanderful version of Superman in fllight; to the right we have an early Wayne Boring depiction of every kid's wished-for super-uncle.

The white strip across the front shows where there's a pouch or pockets across the bottom; the thin vertical white lines delineate stitching that separates the pouch into three pockets.

C'mon now -- cool, or what?

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Tamara said...

Very cool.

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