Thursday, February 02, 2023


... And although that moniker aptly describes any valentine I sent or received nowadays, I'm referring to the golden-aged-innocence of the 1960s.  If you were five or ten years old, the era was magical.  If you were a teenager, it was a potential hell of war, oppression, and paranoia.  I'm thankful to have emerged from the Sixties optimistic!

One of our grade-school community-building practices was Valentine's Day.  Your parents bought a big ol' bundle and you dealt 'em out like cards into each person's sack or envelope.  Your teacher had previously sent home a list with the names of all your classmembers.

Oftentimes Mom helped write the cards, which is how sometimes we would up with mushy, smoochy-type Valentines from a member of our own sex.

Every Monday and Thursday in February, here on the Super Blog we'll share some from my Kindergarten and First Grade in Bartlesville, OK.  The teachers were Mrs Grace Pickell (kindergarten class in their home) and Mrs West (1st Grade at Will Rogers Elementary).
Above is the pouch for First Grade.

And a couple of the treasures from that envelope.

Insert your favorite "aww, shucks!" here, and come back on Monday!

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