Thursday, August 04, 2022

Okay, It Got Here. Now What?

I was one of the many folks thrilled by the news that movie wunderkind Steven Spielberg was backing a new gosh-wow TCV show.
Yup, 38 years ago this week, Amazing Stories was pumped.  This article appeared in the August 1, 1984 Tulsa World.

You'd think a savvy guy like Spielberg would have enough sense not to promise what he couldn't deliver.  There's NO WAY that even a handful of his stories could be "amazing," even if he snagged the retro title from a pulp magazine.

Yup, I watched (and videotaped to rewatch) the show.

I must admit that the opening credits are lotsa fun, evoking their time with the high-tech CGI.

Do you have fond memories of Amazing Stories?  See you Monday!

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