Monday, June 20, 2022

Star Trek FAQ 2.0 – Book Review

STAR TREK FAQ 2.0, by Mark Clark.

This is a laudable effort to "learn all that is learnable," as someone said.  It's interesting to browse through, but as a picky kind of feller, I must point out these goofs:

·         Page 9, in discussing Star Trek: The Motion Picture, mistakenly attributes the film’s sfx woes to Howard Anderson Company.  No, it was the incompetent-for-the-job Robert Abel and Associates who bit off more starship than they could chew.  Howard Anderson did fx for the 1960s series.

·         Page 30 – in his survey of Star Trek III, Clark calls the Klingon bad guy “Kluge,” not Kruge.  It’s funny because on page 34, Clark gets the name right.

·         In talking about Star Trek: The Next Generation’s staff, Clark gets Tracy Tormé’s name correct early on.  But in talking about “The Royale,” Clark gets Tormé incorrect FOUR times, as “Tomé.”  On pages 110-111, he does it twice in his coverage of “Manhunt.”

·         On page 232, there’s a slip of the tongue when discussing Jeri Ryan’s Borg character Seven of Nine.  For some Clark gives the actress’s name as Jeri Taylor, the prolific Trek writer and producer.

·         On page 399, in comments about the 2009 film, Clark gives the last name of Captain Pike’s actor Bruce Greenwood, as “Greenwell.”

It's not a goof, but most photos have captions whose words are nearly identical to a nearby bit of text.  How hard would it have been to reword the dang captions a little?

Have fun with this brisk survey of Trekitude.  However, don't forget to check things out from multiple sources!

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